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Anger Management

Family Court Anger Mgt Approved Programs 2023:
Ventura Family Court OFFICIAL List

Anger Mgt Exit Exam 2023:
Print, fill out and Email it back to complete class.

Co-Custody Parenting

Coparenting Intake Form English 2023:
Coparenting Intake Form English 2023

Co-parenting verses Parallel Parenting Document 2023:
Fact Sheet – English 2023

Intake Form Spanish COPAR:
Intake Form Spanish COPAR

Conjoined COPAR therapy Intake:
Conjoined Intake 2023 $150 per parent per session

FAQs Co-Custody Class:
FAQs Co-Custody Class 2018

Co-Custody Class Exam Form 2023:
Print, fill out and email back


Work Life Balance:

We are all trying to understand and cope with the enormous changes in our work and personal lives. Mostly we react in a positive and productive manner. However, many attorneys are describing their lives as so busy, working so many hours, that they often feel physically and emotionally exhausted.

Balancing your work and personal life requires being clear on your purpose, mission, and values. It is really self-management . The way you keep balance in your work and life is to set priorities and focus on what is truly most important.

SMART Goal Tool:
Setting Goals is Key to Success. See the attached document on how to set SMART goals.

Networking Smarter:
What’s Your NQ?

Domestic Violence

2024 Domestic Violence Class Intake Form – OFFICIAL PDF 2024

2024 Los Angeles County Probation Approved DV Class BIP Provider LIST

Los Angeles County Probation Approved DV Class BIP Provider Letter (10-23):

Ventura County Probation Approved DV Class BIP Provider Letter (07-23):

Ventura County Probation Approved DV Class BIP Provider List (07-23):


D V Exit Exam Form (Probation):
Print, fill out and email back to us to complete your class..

Ventura County Probation Dept. Letter of Recommendation:
Ventura County Probation Dept. Letter of Recommendation – J. Hunter

Ventura County Probation Letter – Lompart:
Positive remarks by Probation 2004

D V BIP Class Intake Form – 2024
ALL CALIFORNIA  – Probation Approved Class

individual Counseling

Individual or Family Counseling Intake Form:

HIPPA Fact Sheet – Therapy Clients Only
See sheet

Scott Barrella MS Degree and LMFT License Valid Till 11-30-24
See sheet

Mandated Reporter Facts:
See sheet

Scott Barrella, MS LMFT (MFT #32532)

Scott Barrella holds a M.S. in Educational Psychology and Counseling from California State University, Northridge.  He has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 27 years, working with individuals and groups and families.  He is currently in private practice in Ventura and Los Angeles County, California (PLUS ON ZOOM). While in private practice, he has supervised a number of LMFT interns who have gone on to become licensed professionals.

Cornerstone Counseling Center was started in 1997.  Based in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, Cornerstone is approved by the Ventura and Los Angeles County Courts (both Family and Criminal Law) to offer a variety of court-mandated programs. Mr. Barrella has authored several treatment books.  These include one for Batterers Intervention (52-week Model) and Co-Custody Parenting (12 Lessons) and Parenting Tools.  He developed and implemented the first Domestic Violence counseling program for inmates in Ventura County, CA jails.  He has presented BBS-Approved CEU workshops throughout California to over 5,000 participants.

Mr. Barrella was an adjunct faculty member at CSU Northridge in the Educational Psychology Department.  He is a sought-after resource who has consulted with NBC Dateline, the Dr. Phil Show, and been a guest expert on dozens of radio shows. Mr. Barrella also appeared as a guest expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Phil Show, and worked with the producers of several other media sources.  Call 805-390-6384 for an appointment.

Supervision and Monitored Visitation

Supervised visitation is when a parent spends time with their child with a neutral third person (provider) watching and listening during the visit. There are many reasons that a judge may require supervision. For example, it can be ordered when:

  • There are safety issues, like allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, or child abduction
  • A parent wants to spend time with a child that they’ve never had a relationship with or they’ve been apart from
  • There are safety concerns because of drug or alcohol use or mental health issues

What is a provider? 

A “provider” is a neutral third person that is ordered by a judge to watch and listen to every visit with the child. The provider is there to make every effort to keep your child safe. The provider must: 

  • Be present at all times during the visit 

  • Listen to what is being said 

  • Pay close attention to the child’s behavior 

  • Report any suspected child abuse 

  • Feel comfortable interrupting or ending the visit if they have concerns

Reunification Conjoint Therapy

Intake Form Reunification :
$ Price varies Call for information

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